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Booking Another Cruise While Onboard: The Smart Move for Your Next Adventure

Tony Cavallaro

Jan. 8, 2024

Booking Another Cruise While Onboard: The Smart Move for Your Next Adventure

Picture this: You're soaking up the sun on the deck of your cruise, and the idea of planning your next adventure will not leave your mind. Well, hold that thought because booking your next cruise while still onboard comes with a treasure trove of benefits. Let's explore the perks and why it's the savvy move for your future voyages.

1. Reduced Deposits:

One of the standout advantages of booking onboard is the opportunity to secure your next cruise with a reduced deposit. Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and others often offer lower initial payments when you book your next adventure while still savoring the current one. It's a budget-friendly way to plan ahead without breaking the bank.

2. Exclusive Promotions:

The onboard office, whether it's NextCruise on Royal Caribbean, FutureCruise on Celebrity, or the Future Cruise Sales Desk on various other cruise lines, is your gateway to exclusive promotions. These could include discounted fares, onboard amenities, or even cabin upgrades. Snagging these perks onboard ensures you're getting the best possible deal for your next cruise.

3. Extra Onboard Credit:

Who doesn't love a little extra spending money? Booking your next cruise while onboard often comes with additional onboard credit. Use it for specialty dining, spa treatments, or shore excursions on your current cruise, or let it roll over to enhance your experience on the upcoming voyage. It's a win-win situation!

4. Seamless Transfer to Embark Cruises:

Worried about the logistics of booking onboard? Fear not! When you reserve your next cruise on board, the reservation seamlessly transfers back to your trusted travel advisors at Embark Cruises. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of onboard booking without sacrificing the personalized service and expertise that comes with planning through our agency.

Ready to elevate your cruise experience? Cruise forward with Embark Cruises and make the most of reduced deposits, exclusive promotions, and extra onboard credit. Book onboard and sail into your next adventure seamlessly – because every journey deserves a perfect beginning!

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